About Teacher Calculator

grade papers faster with this simple app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Teacher Calculator is now available at the iTunes App Store

Teacher Calculator is designed for educators by an educator to save you time grading papers, leaving you more time to focus on your kids (and your life!)

It only does one simple thing, but it does it well.

After specifying the number of questions on your assignment, Teacher Calculator will let you quickly lookup or enter the number of questions a student got right or wrong and show you the student’s percentage score.

  • Designed specially for teachers to minimize the number of touches — only enter the total possible once, lookup using the number right or wrong, etc.
  • Quickly scroll through a list (works best for assignments with few questions)…
  • …or use the keypad to type in the number (works best for assignments with many questions)
  • Easy to use, fast, and works great on iPhone or iPod touch!

Could you do this with any normal calculator? Of course!

However, I know how long grading papers can take, so I designed this calculator carefully just for teachers to save you at least a few seconds per paper.

How many hundreds (or thousands!) of papers will you grade this year? Multiply that times a few seconds saved per paper and this might be the best 99 cent investment you’ve ever made!

How to use Teacher Calculator

To use Teacher Calculator, first enter the number of questions or points on your assignment, and then click Go. This will bring you to a list view with every possible number right and wrong.

If you have a relatively small number of items, you can just scroll the table up and down as you grade each paper and look up the number right or wrong.

If you have a large number of items, scrolling up and down that far would get annoying quick! So, to save time, just touch the blank field at the top of the Right or Wrong column, and type in a number.


Have questions on how to use the app? Have ideas for the next version? Contact me anytime at teachercalculator@gmail.com!